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Saturday, July 29, 2006


It is not fun being sick. It isn’t fun in Canada and it is really not fun while being in Ghana. Temperatures rising, speedy returns to the loo, buckets of water getting heavier and heavier (to flush) as you become weaker and weaker, body aching…DO I HAVE MALARIA??? Do I take my malaria drugs???

After speaking to Russ from National Office, who is now travelling through Ghana, I felt at ease with my illness: it happens to everyone and I am lucky that it is only my first time. Let me just say that CIPRO is the MIRACLE drug. I am so happy that I did not rush into taking my Malaria medication; otherwise I am sure I would still be paying for it. After 3 days of being bed ridden I felt like a new person. I now feel rejuvenated by being healthy again and well rested: I was lucky to only miss one day of work, phew.

This past weeks was very productive: the workshop 3 is well planned and nearly ready for execution. There are a few snags, however life would be boring if it wasn’t for the bumps on the road. As I have learnt through my life, and especially through this placement: things just seem to work themselves out and everything seems to fit into place in the end.

I was extremely excited this week when MIS understood how to use an if statement in excel. He also knew how to change my program to make it even more user friendly; proving to me that he does understand the program and the if statement function. He has even suggested ways to use his new abilities: ranking the farmer repayments of their cashew loans using an if statement. It is great to see little impacts as you go along.

The DFSN (District Food Security Network) task force team has yet to have their first meeting before the 2nd DFSN meeting. It is getting tight for time, but is definitely still doable. Sister Samata (market woman who is the organizer) has made time to meet with Sister Allison and I once. It was a very good meeting, however the task force is needed to make the agenda for next meeting. It is getting very close to the meeting day and letters still have not gone out to remind the members of the next meeting. It’s a little worrisome, so I hope all works out well.

It is Friday: market day, and it is raining. I am happy for the rain because the crops are seriously parched. I love the weekends: time to relax and recoup. Tomorrow I head out to WA to send out my blogs and apply for work study and read all my emails from those whom I cherish: looking forward to it.


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