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Thursday, May 04, 2006


When being chosen to go to Africa with EWB my emotions went wild as I tried to comprehend the challenges of the life changing journey that lay before me. There was no doubt in my mind about whether or not I should go. After going home at Christmas I realized that my quick decision was made without taking the time to think how my family may feel about me leaving the country to go to a developing one. I was reminded of the many problems that Canada has, and how my passion and drive to help people would be filled with less personal risks in Canada. However, I truly believe that the training I receive, skills I will adopt and overall, the experience I am so fortunate to attain, will be such an asset, hence I will be of more aid in Canada upon my return.

"Pre-departure training in Toronto was extremely intensive: like opening up a fire hydrant, placing my open mouth in front and trying to swallow as much water as possible". I was forwarned about this week of training and didn't think that the training period would effect me in the way it did: I realized some of my strenghts and weaknesses and am extremely greatful for this. I am currently trying to digest the large quantity of information thrown at me, and although some of the info couldn't be absorbed in my "saturated sponge", I know I will be able to come back to it later to apply to situations to where it is relevant.

I consider myself to be somewhat self aware, realizing that even in the past two years I have made some of the best decisions in my life that have led me into a career that I am utterly passionate about. Attending McGill (Bioresource Engineering), has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, regardless of leaving my family and best of friends in Winnipeg. I am truly thankful and realize how lucky I am to be on a path in life where I am blissfully content.

I intend to write regularly and I hope to come back to this journal at the end of my journey to reflect on my personal growth and impact on "Dorothy" within the course of my placement.

I will end by telling you where I will be going and what I will be doing:

My destination is Bole, Ghana. I will be working with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), aiming at helping create Safe Food Networks (SFN) for rural farmers within my district. I will aim to use Results Based Management (RBM) with Agriculture Extention Agents (AEA) in order to try and make them more efficient at delivering useful information to the farmers.

I will be staying in a compound with a colleague and his wife, a nurse (BONUS), an NGO worker, and a young family.

I would love to hear from anyone who has time to give me feedback, or who wants to make my day with a sweet "hello", at any time during my placement.


At 11:45 PM, Blogger Laura said...

You sound so happy and organized. It's nice to hear your thoughts. You're on your way to future successes in your journey through life. Congratulations on stepping outside the box!
wish I was there,

At 5:53 AM, Blogger dad said...

My last call was cut short but wish you the best and always be behind you in all your decisions very proud of you.lots of love. your old pall . dad


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